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If this is appealing to you in any way, you need to know this:

How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget

You can start fielding calls from friends, clients and prospects congratulating you on your press as soon as next week!

In my new downloadable e-workbook, How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget, you will learn exactly how to do this … and much more!

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I’m Meredith Liepelt, President of Rich Life Marketing. As a Creative Client Attraction Strategist™, I know how important is for you to gain credibility and build upon the good will that you are creating. Getting people to notice your business and staying top of mind is one of your main charges as a business owner. You made it to this web site because you already know that gaining press coverage is one of the best ways to do this.

And I probably don’t need to point out that getting local PR coverage can be a gateway to much larger press and can build your interviewing skills on your way to Oprah!!

That is precisely why I created this e-workbook!

It only takes around 2 hours to read this downloadable e-workbook, complete the exercises and have at least 4 stories to send out the local press! No kidding!

(As a solopreneur myself, I know you don’t have time for more than a 2-hour commitment so I made consuming, understanding and applying this information as concise and simple as possible! I like to keep things as simple as possible.)

Just think, in only 2 hours you will know:


How to get media coverage that will attract clients, prospects and partners to you without spending a dime.


The #1 thing that makes up the news. (Here’s a clue in advance: Look in the mirror!)


The ultra simple 4-step process to getting your name in the business newspaper as soon as next week!


How to get reporters to actually contact YOU for quotes and industry information.


How to determine your best story idea.


A checklist of 34 story ideas you can use in your business.


The four kinds of stories that reporters love.


Examples of press releases that got the attention of the media that you can model.


A press release template.


4 super-simple ways to customize your press release for different markets, making it relevant to different markets. (This one strategy led me to get a 4-column article with a color photo in a regional newspaper in a market that I was not living in!)


10 press release headlines from some of the best press releases ever.


The #1 thing NOT to say to a reporter when you follow up.


A sample script you can use word for word when following up with media. (Use it yourself or have your VA use it!)


The #1 worst day to send your press release.


How to know where to send your press release.


The components of your online press kit and simple templates you can use to create yours in a snap.


How to create a bio that even impresses your friends.

** You’ll also get tools, templates, worksheets and checklists that make getting local PR a snap and make your competitors wonder how you do it all! (Shhhhh…. It’s really not that difficult, but let’s keep that between us.)

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“I’m in the news thanks to you! A leading reporter called me back after reading my press release I wrote using your template and I am now quoted as an expert in a national article that is now being used by my entire company! Now that I’m in print, it’s MUCH easier to get my foot in the door! Thank you! Thank you!”

Julie Friend

Julie Friend head shot

“Meredith, I tried your ‘Sprinkle Star Dust’ technique from your eworkbook, ‘How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget’ and I spent all week giving interviews and on the phone. I was in six newspaper articles and one TV spot all within one week of doing it! I even had a manufacturers rep stop by the office to sign us up for distribution. Unbelievable!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Marty Lee Parker
President, Life Learning Devices, LLC

Renee Belbeck's son watching her on TV

“With her advice and press release template, Meredith helped me establish immediate credibility by landing a 3 minute live interview on our local TV Station without hiring a PR Consultant! I am still getting calls two months later for orders on my first children’s book!”

Renee Belbeck

(Isn’t her son cute – he certainly looks happy to be watching his mom on live TV!)

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“I followed your PR advice and ended up being featured in our local business newspaper the following week! They even used my headshot!”

Shelley Menduni

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“Meredith has provided an invaluable supplement to my existing PR efforts. Her techniques are straightforward and effective … saving my staff and me valuable time while simultaneously garnering coveted media coverage by simply responding to reporters’ requests for expert information and input. I would unequivocally recommend Meredith’s system for anyone looking to maximize their PR budget.”

Lash Fary
Founder, Distinctive Assets

Renee Belbeck's son watching her on TV

“When I was first launching my product, OnTray, Meredith was able to secure a live interview for me on one of the biggest local TV stations in my city. I wasn’t sure it was possible to get that kind of media coverage, but Meredith showed me how. She continues to be a terrific sounding board and a tremendous resource for me as I continue to grow my business!”

Laura Hamrick
Founder, OnTray

Attract More Clients Through Public Relations
as Soon as Next Week!

Check out these Bonuses!

It all boils down to getting your name out in the public eye so you can gain credibility and attract more clients. I look forward to showing you the simple way to do this!

I have lots of creative ideas around PR so as usual, I have a few bonuses for you too that you can download immediately! Order today and you’ll also receive:


Special Report: “Television Interview Tips and Tactics”

You’ll need this information once your local TV station calls you to tape a segment or live broadcast!


Special Report: “How to Use Off the Beaten Path Holidays to Boost Your Business”

Use this list of over 160 non-traditional holidays to promote your business in creative and inventive ways! For example, Get Organized Month is January, Women’s Nutrition Week is in April, Rebuild Your Life month is June. This report will also tell you how to create your own national holiday and REALLY increase your PR!


I’ll also throw in a list of 110 Small Business Reporters from around the United States in case you want to dabble at getting national media exposure while you’re at it. This list includes reporters from media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine; O, The Oprah Magazine; Inc. and others along with their contact information!


Special Report: “How to Sprinkle ‘Celebrity Star Dust’ on Your Business”

Have you ever dreamed of getting your product or service into the hands of the hottest Hollywood celebrities? If so, then you probably know how difficult and expensive it is to place your product in one of those high ticket celebrity gift bags at the Oscars, Emmys, Latin Emmys and so forth. In this simple report, I will tell you exactly who to contact, what to say and how to pitch your product or service to dramatically increase your chance of being placed in a gift bag for half price! I’ve successfully done this for myself more than once and have used my connections to get my clients in too. And now, you can do it too! Being associated with celebrities is one of the quickest ways to gain credibility and attract new customers or clients overnight!

All of these bonuses and the e-workbook are downloadable, which gives you instant access to this valuable information!

“Sounds great, Meredith, but what does it cost?”

You’d probably expect to pay a fortune for all of this information. You probably also know that that working with a professional writer to write just one press release will cost at least $100-$150. And that’s just for one press release. Hiring a PR Consultant would cost you thousands!

How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget

— BUT —


How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget

today for

Only $99!

Learn how to gain credibility and attract more clients and customers through positive press coverage as soon as next week through VERY little effort!

(No kidding – one of my techniques takes less than 15 minutes and can lead to immediate coverage in your local business paper. My clients and I do it regularly for our own businesses!)

Order Now and download immediately:

Only $99

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Still not sure? Just think of what you will earn when you attract even just one new client with your PR efforts! How much is that worth to you? Hundreds? Thousands? That puts it into perspective, right!?

Here’s a short case-study that shows how just one small idea from this ebook lead to big results!

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A local networking group, Like Minded Moms, wanted to get some exposure for their growing organization and their members. They used my simple press release template, decided on their pitch and sent it out. They ended up being invited to appear live on the local Fox News Station! Within a few hours, they had response from the community. They also have started to develop a relationship with the booking agent and are actively working on getting exposure for their members. Now that’s REALLY working it!

Here are a few examples of local coverage I have gotten for myself over the years, most more than once or twice too!:

And this doesn’t even cover my national press coverage, radio shows or online media sources! Start claiming your spotlight today and order your copy of:

How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget

How to Get Local PR on a Micro Budget

Only $99

Order Now

My Personal “Keep it Simple” 90-Day Guarantee

I cannot guarantee any specific coverage since there are many variables at play when it comes to gaining press. However I am so confident that if you employ all the techniques and resources I share with you in this workbook and you do not gain some press exposure, simply ask me for a prompt refund within 90 days of your purchase.

I will not ask you questions. I will not give you any hassle.

That is my “Keep it Simple” 90-Day Guarantee.

So you see - there is no reason NOT to get started today!

Still have questions? My team is happy to help out! Just contact us at

I look forward to showing you how to get your name in lights!



Meredith Liepelt
Rich Life Marketing
Your Creative Client Attraction Strategist™

PS: Don’t forget that this e-workbook is likely to be 100% tax deductible since it is a business expense, so you really have nothing to lose! Be sure to ask your Accountant for full details.

PPS: Once you are covered in the media, email me to let me know and I may select your success story to be featured on this web site, giving you even MORE positive exposure!